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Stacey Dash Arrested for Domestic Battery

Stacey Dash, 52, was arrested

Stacey Dash, 52, was arrested for domestic battery charges in Florida on Sunday, September 30, 2019. She is best known for her role as Dionne Davenport in the 1995 teen romance movie “Clueless.” TMZ confirms that the alleged victim is her fourth husband and Florida attorney Jeffrey Marty, but Pasco Country Sheriff’s department has not yet identified Marty by name. Jeffrey Marty is a fellow former Democrat-turned-Republican and an avid Donald Trump supporter. Dash and Marty got secretly married on April 6, 2018, after knowing each other for 10 days and a few days after she ended her congressional campaign. […]

Jessi Combs – Dead at 39

Jessi Combs, 39, died Tuesday, August 27th, 2019 in Alvord Desert, Oregon. She was a former co-host of the TV Show “Myth Busters” and a race car driver. She also co-hosted “The List” along with stints on “Overhaulin’,” “Extreme 4×4” and “All Girls Garage.” Passionate Race Car Driver After setting a record with a jet-powered car in 2013 at the North American Eagle Supersonic Speed Challenger of 398 mph, she had earned the title of the “fastest woman on four wheels” In October Combs set a top seed of 483.2 mph in a shakedown run. She died on Tuesday, trying […]

Harrison Ford vs. Tim Rose

Image Credit to Gage Skidmore

When people think of Star Wars, they think of the main stars that are shown continuously in billboards and interviews and actually show their faces in the movies. However, there are also many cast members behind the scenes and in a costume that we do not always recognize. Harrison Ford Upset Over Tim Rose Comments Tim Rose, actor, and puppeteer has been featured in multiple Star Wars films as various characters. These characters include Admiral Ackbar, Sy Snootles, and Salacious B. Crumb. Tim Rose revealed to Youtuber Jamie Stangroom in an interview that tensions were high while filming scenes in […]