DMV Extends Extension For Driver’s Licenses And ID Cards

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to problems with Motor Vehicle Commissions across the country, including the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. They have added additional extensions for expired or soon-to-be expired driver’s licenses and identification cards. Some locations also are offering new and limited Saturday hours for new Nevada residents from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m., starting September 19.

Governor Steve Sisolak will direct an additional extension for non-commercial driver’s licenses, IDs, non-commercial instruction permits, and driver authorization cards for those with an expiration date of March 12 or later for an additional 60 days from September 14 through November 12. The existing extension was initially set to expire on Sunday, however, a one-year extension applies to all drivers that are 65 years or older. Online renewals for most driver’s licenses and IDs will be available in the month of October.

This new 60-day registration doesn’t apply to vehicle registration or other DMV documents, which will expire on Sunday. All vehicles must have a movement permit or full registration in order to be driven on a public street. These permits are available without an appointment at all of the state’s DMV offices. Registration renewals can be done online or at a kiosk. Most vehicles that were purchased from a dealership can be registered online. The state currently has over 200,000 expired vehicle registrations.